Are you a film producer, director, or scout?

Look no further than Staunch Book Prize for brilliant thrillers which don’t feature violence to women!

As the #4% challenge launched at Sundance this year takes off, many more female directors are going to be in need of strong material. That’s on top of the many male directors and producers who no longer find the gratuitous assault, rape and murder of female characters to be the stories they want to tell.

Many of our entries are ideal for adaptation to film or television, so come and talk to us about published or unpublished novels among our entries.

We can set up a formal first look deal with you, or discuss the kind of work you might be looking to acquire. Nothing will be passed on without the written permission of the author, of course.

For a fee, we can arrange for a treatment to be written for promising material.

We can also provide an independent broker to negotiate an option where the author is unrepresented.

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The 4% Challenge

Over the last decade, only 4% of the top 1,200 studio films were directed by womenThat’s why TIME’S UP and the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative initiated the #4percentchallenge to increase the number of women directing major studio films. 

Time’s Up are supporting women directors from all backgrounds in this challenge, as studies show that women-directed films are more inclusive in terms of girls and women on screen, female characters 40 years of age and older and underrepresented racial/ethnic groups. Women directors also hire other women in key behind-the-camera roles. The aim is to humanize production processes so that all groups can thrive at work in safe contexts. This is a step in that direction.